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Other: Non-act, non-label based discography On-U Sound-related bootlegs

Like it or loathe it, the bootleg in its many guises continues to offer the musical underground another dimension in the recorded sound of the artists they follow - whether capturing a live music experience, featuring rare tracks or offering-forth impossibly obtainable mixes or versions. Though often amateurishly packaged by people who must remain anonymous, sometimes of dubious quality and often poorly documented, these contraband "recordings from the edge" often have that raw, home-made feel, and though frequently completely illegitimate, still offer the lucky acquirer the excitement of hearing sounds not otherwise easily available for public consumption.

On-U Sound material and subjects are hardly ever likely to be the source of rich pickings for bootleggers, but nevertheless a few of the more widely known offerings (of which I know at least something about) are given below. The "releases" featured here tend towards the more "professional" end of the scale of what might be considered bootleg material - i.e. they are of reasonable recording quality, often properly pressed, usually well packaged, and with some attempt having been made by their creators at distribution, even if this is/was still strictly unofficial. As a result of the open-ended classification of all material of this type within a single file, the listing here only offers a small, representative selection of such "releases". Note that officially sanctioned promotion-only items are considered to be legitimate releases and are listed elsewhere.

Given the unofficial nature of these recordings, full cross-referencing with the other discographies of official releases is restricted, while the material featured is also fully excluded from representation in the Rhythm Directory. Items where the track listing is either unknown or incomplete are marked by a *.

Sleeve cover Live compilation: Mark Stewart & The Maffia - 'Live'

Tak Roga / 1985 (?)

LP: (?)
  1.   As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade
  2. * Operation Pacification
  3.   Hypnotized
  4.   Liberty City ||
  5.   The Resistance Of The Cell
  6.   Jerusalem
  7. + We Are All Prostitutes
  8. = Blessed Are Those Who Struggle
  9. + There Are No Spectators
* Live version of 'Passcivecation Program'.
+ Originally by the Pop Group.
= Actually medley of 'Anger', 'Forbidden Colour', 'Blessed Are Those Who Struggle', 'Shake' and 'Mr X, Mr Y'.
Italian bootleg compilation of live recordings from Paradiso, Amsterdam in May 1985 featuring versions of tracks from LP24 and LP36, as well as material first released by the Pop Group. All tracks were re-released on the 'Mona Mona' bootleg compilation.

Sorry, no sleeve image available Album: Gary Clail On-U Sound System - (Live) *

Perfecto (?) / September 1992

LP: (?)
    (compilation of live recordings)
A semi-legitimate bootleg.

Sleeve cover Compilation: Various Artists - 'Afro Trance' *

Cosmic Communications / 199?

Side 1:
  1. * These Things Are Worth Fighting For (Perfecto Radio mix) [Gary Clail/On.U S.S.]
* From the singles of the same name.
Italian compilation.

Sleeve cover Compilation: Depeche Mode - 'Ultra Rare Trax Volume 4'

(?) / 199?

CD: DM 4
  1.   A Question Of Lust (Old Town mix)
  2.   Personal Jesus ((I'm Not) Crazy Anymore mix)
  3.   Enjoy The Silence (Hot Trax mix)
  4. * Are People People? (Adrian On-U-Sound Sherwood)
  5.   Sea Of Sin (Razor Cuts mix)
  6.   Fly On The Windscreen (Touch Me mix)
  7.   Just Can't Get Enough (Rubber Band mix)
  8.   To Have And To Hold (Icelandic Taster mix)
  9.   Dangerous (Hazchemix)
  10.   A Question Of Lust (Minimal mix)
  11.   Death's Door (Skeleton Key mix)
  12.   I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (Flexi mix)
* Remixed by AMS. Originally from the 'Master & Servant' singles.

Sorry, no sleeve image available Album: Creation Rebel - 'Lows And Highs'

The Theory Is Sound Project / 199?

RuCD: CDREAL0108062
  1. Independent Man (Part 1)
  2. Independent Man (Part 2)
  3. Rebel Party
  4. A Reasoning
  5. No Peace
  6. Love I Can Feel
  7. Rubber Skirt (Part 1)
  8. Rubber Skirt (Part 2)
  9. Rubber Skirt (Part 3)
  10. Creation Rebel
  11. Creative Involvements
A complete Russian bootleg of LP15.

Record label 12"EP: Various Artists - 'Affix'

High Tech 3 Records / (?)

  1.   Affix            [?] ||
  2. * Throw It Away    [African Head Charge]
  3.   J'ai Deux Amours [Phylicia Allen]
* Originally from LP40.
Canadian 3-track single in a plain white card sleeve. Almost certainly a bootleg.

Sleeve cover Live compilation: The Pop Group / Mark Stewart - 'Mona Mona'

Slave To Love (?) / 199?

  1. !  Liberty City
  2. !  Hotter Than 1000 Suns
  3. !  Feed The Hungry
  4. ~* We Are All Prostitutes
  5. ~+ Operation Pacification
  6. ~  As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade
  7. ~  Hypnotized
  8. ~  Liberty City
  9. ~  The Resistance Of The Cell
  10. ~  Jerusalem
  11. ~= Blessed Are Those Who Struggle
  12. ~* There Are No Spectators
! The Pop Group recorded live in Helsinki in October 1980.
~ Mark Stewart & the Maffia (including AMS) recorded live at Paradiso, Amsterdam in May 1985. Also featured on the 'Live' bootleg compilation.
* Originally by the Pop Group.
+ Originally called 'Passcivecation Program'.
= Actually a medley of 'Anger', 'Forbidden Colour', 'Blessed Are Those Who Struggle', 'Shake' and 'Mr X, Mr Y'.
Bootleg compilation of live recordings. Also released under the titles "Freak Out Bottom Beats" and "...Live 1980".

Sleeve cover Live compilation: Creation Rebel / Prince Far I - 'Munich 1983'

(?) / 2004

CD: (-)
  1. * Some A Holler Some A Bawl
  2.   Love I Can Feel
  3.   Yuk Up
  4. + Big Fight
  5. + Prodigal Son
  6. + Virgin
  7. + Every Time I Hear The Word
  8. + What You Gonna Do On Judgement Day
  9. = African Space
  10. = African Space 2
* Officially released as 'Natty Conscience Free'.
+ Features vocals by Prince Far I.
= Recordings of different performances, the latter of which is longer but of poorer quality.
Bootleg compilation of live recordings from a show at The Logo, Munich, Germany in 1983. Tracks 1-9 were recorded through the soundboard. On-U related studio versions can be found on APLP 9006, APLP 9008, LP4, LP11, LP15 and DP1.

Sleeve cover Compilation: Tackhead - '2004' (?) / 2004

CD: (?)
  1. Stealing (Original version)
  2. Dream World (Dub)
  3. What's My Mission Now? (Parts 1 & 2)
  4. Dangerous Sex
  5. Break Out The Bubbly (Live)
  6. The Game (Live)
  7. The King (Live)
  8. Hard Left / New York Breakdown (Live)
  9. Airborne Ranger
  10. Mind & Movement
  11. Mind At The End Of The Tether
  12. Tell Me The Hurt
  13. Class Rock
An unofficial but sanctioned compilation sold in a card sleeve at US Tack>>Head gigs in 2004. An autographed, paper-sleeved version was also available. The tracks are mostly taken from BLC 10, BLC 11, BLC 17 and the 'Strange Things' album.

Sleeve cover Mix compilation: Various Artists - 'On-U Sound Trash! 25 Years Of Beats, Dubs & Extravaganza'

(?) / April 2005

  1. Intro: The Wrong Name & The Wrong Number  [Mark Stewart/Maffia]
  2. What's My Mission Now?                    [Keith LeBlanc/Tackhead]
  3. Hypnotized                                [Mark Stewart/Maffia]
  4. Half A Gram A Shout                       [Gary Clail/TOTP]
  5. Throw It Away                             [African Head Charge]
  6. Ticking Time Bomb                         [Tackhead]
  7. Crazy (Do You Know The Way To LA mix)     [Seal/Doug Wimbish/Keith LeBlanc]
  8. Switchin' Channels                        [Bomb The Bass/Doug Wimbish]
  9. Beneath The City Streets                  [Mark Stewart/Maffia]
  10. Revolution                                [Singers & Players/Bim Sherman]
  11. My Whole World / Dub                      [New Age Steppers]
  12. Creation Inna Iration                     [Creation Rebel]
  13. Quanté Jubila Speech                      [Singers & Players/Prince Far I]
  14. Aggro Dub Version                         [New Age Steppers]
  15. Ska Trek                                  [Tackhead]
  16. Chemical Specialist                       [New Age Steppers]
  17. Mind At The End Of The Tether             [Tackhead]
  18. Hey Ho                                    [Dub Syndicate]
  19. Dubbing Psycho Thriller                   [Dub Syndicate/Lee Perry]
  20. Loudspeaker                               [The Circuit]
  21. On-U interlude (remixed from PIAB vol. 1)
  22. Circular Motion                           [Forehead Bros.]
  23. Mind At The End Of The Tether (reprise)   [Tackhead]
  24. The Show Is Coming                        [Dub Syndicate]
  25. React Like This                           [Interference]
  26. M P B One O Five                          [Tasteless Cuts/DJ Spike]
  27. Hona                                      [Tackhead]
  28. Green Theory                              [Spike]
  29. Pursuit                                   [African Head Charge]
  30. Dreadlock Soldier                         [Singers & Players/Prince Far I]
  31. Singing Love                              [New Age Steppers]
  32. Hallelujah                                [Maffia]
  33. Must Be Dreaming                          [Dub Syndicate]
  34. Chapter 4                                 [Dub Syndicate/Prince Far I]
  35. Stealing                                  [Tackhead]
  36. Stormy Weather / Dub                      [Fats Comet]
  37. Nuclear Weapon                            [Singers & Players/Prince Far I]
  38. Mind At The End Of The Tether (again?!)   [Tackhead]
  39. Half Cut Again                            [Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound System]
  40. Anthem                                    [Tackhead]
  41. Stealing Interlude                        [Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound System]
  42. My One And Only One                       [Fats Comet]
  43. Ticking Time Bomb (reprise)               [Tackhead]
  44. Stop The Clock (instrumental)             [Strange Parcels]
  45. Reverend T.A.C.K.                         [Doug Wimbish/Skip McDonald]
  46. Ska Trek (reprise)                        [Tackhead]
  47. Trance (Adrian Sherwood remix)            [Tackhead/Bernard Fowler]
  48. Who Are You?                              [African Head Charge]
The unverified track list above was compiled from a listing once given by a seller on eBay. According to the seller, this is a: "...80 minute off the chain and over the top MEGAMIX with 48 songs. This CD blows the Japanese release 'On-U Sound Crash: Slash & Mix'..." [released officially at about the same time] "...straight out of the water".

Sleeve cover Compilation: Various Artists - 'Robot Dancing Volume 2'

NWR Records / May 2005

DLP: NWR 002
  1. * Be My Powerstation (Re-edit) [Ché]
  2.   Beatbox                      [Art Of Noise] ||
  3.   It's My Life                 [Talk Talk]
  4.   Subculture                   [New Order] ||
  5.   Looking From A Hilltop       [Section 257]
  6.   Perfect Kiss                 [New Order] ||
  7.   Sex Dwarf                    [Soft Cell]
  8.   Stranger                     [Clan Of Xymox]
* Originally produced by AMS and Fats Comet.
A collection of Razormaid! Records' remixes. Probably a bootleg.

Sleeve cover Compilation: Tackhead - (-) - Echobeach / 2006

CD: (?)
  1.   (Easy Mike)
  2.   Change
  3.   The Bubbly
  4. * Tamoris Dream (T'head rmx) [Tamori]
  5. + Dangerous Dub              [Tackhead/Anne Marie]
  6.   Pride                      [Strange Parcels/Jesse Rae]
  7.   Stealing                   [Tackhead/Bim Sherman]
  8.   Original Sex               [Tackhead/Melle Mel]
  9.   Ska Trek
  10. = Law Of Repetition
  11.   Hard Left
  12.   DJ Programme               [Fats Comet]
  13.   The Game (Live)
  14.   New York Breakdown (Live)
  15.   Hey Joe (Live)
* From a Japanese single of the same name.
+ From the 'Be Tough' album.
= First released on the 'On-U Out Of Control' compilation as 'Laws Of Repetition', credited there to Doug Wimbish.
An unofficial but sanctioned compilation, mostly from past Tackhead / Fats Comet / Strange Parcels releases, sold at European Little Axe gigs in 2006. All tracks are credited to 'Tackhead' unless otherwise stated. The sleeve states the tracks are taken from the "Control Tower Archive - Room 23".

Sleeve cover Compilation: Nine Inch Nails - 'Demos & Remixes Volume 2'

Spider Records / (?)

  1.   Gave Up (remixed by Coil with Danny Hyde)
  2.   Wish (remixed by J.G. Thirlwell)
  3.   Fist Fuck (remixed by J.G. Thirlwell)
  4.   Get Down Make Love
  5.   Head Like A Hole (Slate)
  6.   Terrible Lie (Sympathetic Mix)
  7.   Head Like A Hole (Opal)
  8.   March Of The Pigs (Clean version)
  9.   All The Pigs, All Lined Up
  10.   A Violent Fluid
  11.   Big Man With A Gun
  12. * Sin (Dub)
  13.   Memorabilia
  14. + March Of The Fuckheads
* Remixed by AMS and Keith LeBlanc. From the 'Sin' single. Mis-titled on the sleeve 'Sin (Remix By Adrian Sherwood)'.
+ Produced and engineered by AMS. From the 'Closer To God' singles/EPs.
Bootleg compilation of remixes and B-sides taken from official NIN releases.

Sleeve cover Live compilation: Little Axe - 'Live And Direct'

(?) / 2007

CD: (-)
  1. If I Had My Way
  2. Tell Me Why
  3. Funk Session
  4. Another Sinfull Day
  5. Inspiration...
  6. Grinning In Your Face
  7. Another Sinfull Day
  8. Memories
  9. On The Way Down
  10. Bless Those
  11. Good Times
  12. She / Return
  13. If I Had My Way
Limited edition of 33 copies packaged in a metal box. Features tracks recorded live at La Botanique - Bruxelles, Hotel Bayerischer Hof - Munich, Posthof - Linz, Culturecenter Schlachthof and a Radio Eins live session between August and November 2006.

Sleeve cover Compilation: Gary Clail On-U Sound System - 'Kill The World For Oil'

Supersonic Scientists / 2009

DCD: SSS 011
Disc 1 (Interview and live recordings):
  1. (BBC Radio 1 interview part 1)
  2. Human Nature
  3. Crocodile England
  4. Rumours Of War
  5. Food, Clothes And Shelter
  6. Emotional Hooligan
  7. (BBC Radio 1 interview part 2)
Disc 2 (Emotional Hooligan demos):
  1. Crocodile Eyes
  2. Karen Silkwood's Car
  3. Rumours Of War
  4. Escape
  5. The Nature Of Billy Graham
  6. Food, Clothes And Shelter
  7. Monk Song
  8. Magic Penny
  9. Emotional Holligan
  10. Stutter
A compilation of interviews, live recordings from the Marquee Club, London, UK and demo tracks.

Sleeve cover Live compilation: Mark Stewart & The Maffia - 'Imitate God'

Supersonic Scientists / 2009

CD1/CD2: SSS 014
  1. Resistance Of The Cell
  2. Scorpio
  3. Hysteria
  4. My Possession
  5. Liberty City
  6. Pacification Programme
  7. Bastards
  8. Anger Is Holy
Recorded live in Bristol, UK in 1991. The two CD editions differ only in their artwork.

Sleeve cover Compilation: New Age Steppers - 'Massive Manners'

(?) / 2009

CD: (?)
  1. My Whole World
  2. Wide World Version
  3. Fade Away
  4. Private Armies Dub
  5. Nuclear Zulu
  6. Problems Pt. 1 & 2
  7. Love Forever
  8. Singing Love
  9. Got To Get Away
  10. Observe Life
  11. Some Love
  12. Guiding Star
  13. Unclear
  14. Avante Gardening
Features tracks from LP1, LP3 and LP21, including several bonus tracks that only featured on JpCD re-issues.

Sleeve cover CDEP: New Age Steppers - 'The Peel Sessions'

(?) / 2009

CDEP: (?)
  1. Send My Love
  2. The Riddle
  3. Not A Nobody
Three of the four unreleased tracks recorded for the BBC's John Peel show in 1983.

Sleeve cover Compilation: Various Artists - 'Punk Rocker Meets Dreads Inna Babylon'

(?) / 2009

DCD: (?)
Disc 1:
  1. Fisherman                         [The Congos]
  2. Fever                             [Susan Cadogan]
  3. Influenza Version                 [The Upsetters]
  4. Loseres Weepers (Extended)        [Mikey Dread]
  5. Fade Away                         [New Age Steppers]
  6. Children Crying                   [The Congos]
  7. Yes It's Bless (Alternative Take) [Dub Syndicate]
  8. Haunting Ground                   [Bim Sherman]
  9. Private Armies                    [New Age Steppers]
  10. Hard Times                        [Pablo Gad]
  11. Newtown                           [The Slits]
  12. Pick Up The Rockers               [Tapper Zukie]
  13. Stranger                          [Love Joys]
  14. Stormy Weather                    [New Age Steppers]
  15. Togetherness                      [Dub Syndicate]
  16. World Dub                         [Bim Sherman]
  17. Money Dread                       [Mikey Dread]
Disc 2:
  1. Shake The Nation                  [Prince Far I]
  2. Guns And Cocaine Crime            [Dub Syndicate]
  3. Spying Glass                      [Horace Andy]
  4. Solid Foundation                  [The Congos]
  5. Mirror Mirror                     [Leroy Smart]
  6. See Them A Come                   [Culture]
  7. You I Love And Not Another        [Prince Far I]
  8. My Whole World                    [New Age Steppers]
  9. Kingston 14                       [Dub Syndicate]
  10. Haile Unlikely                    [Steel Leg Vs. The Electric Dread]
  11. I Heard It Through The Grapevine  [The Slits]
  12. Public Enemy No. 1                [Max Romeo]
  13. At The Feast                      [The Congos]
  14. Jamaican Heroes                   [Prince Far I]
  15. Nuclear Zulu                      [New Age Steppers]
  16. Bring The Mackaback               [The Congos]
  17. Revolution (Version)              [The Musical Intimidators]
  18. Man Next Door                     [The Slits]
Apparently a limited edition of 100 copies. Compiled by DJ Ingo and featuring a wide range of On-U Sound back catalogue and related material.

Record label 12" single: African Head Charge / St. Echo - 'Stebeni's Theme (St. Echo Mix)'

Dock Records / May 2010

  1. * Stebeni's Theme (St. Echo Mix) [African Head Charge / St. Echo]
* Remixed from LP13.
A single-sided German pressing limited to 300 copies mastered by Stefan Betke.

Sleeve cover Compilation: Mark Stewart And The Maffia - 'Martyr'

Supersonic Scientists / 2010

DCD: SSS 0438
Disc 1:
  1. * Hysteria
  2. * The Resistance Of The Cell
  3. * Pacification Program
  4. * Forbidden Colour
  5. * Hynotized
  6. * Starfuckers Inc.
  7. * Liberty City
  8. * Jerusalem
  9. + As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade
  10. + The Resistance Of The Cell
  11. + Forbidden Colour
  12. + Liberty City
  13. + High Ideals And Crazy Dreams
Disc 2:
  1. # There Are No Spectators
  2. # Non Dare Call It Conspiracy
  3. # Liberty City
  4. # No I Will Never Give Up And Lay Down My Arms
  5. # Rock The House Down
  6. # Learning To Cope With Cowardise
  7. # Jerusalem
  8. # Blessed Are Those Who Struggle
* Recorded live at Venn Festival, Bristol, UK, 3 June 2005
+ Recorded live in Oosterpoort, The Netherlands, 2003.
# Recorded live at Trinity Hall, Bristol, 11 December 1982 (mis-credited as Colston Hall, Bristol, 28 December 1982).

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