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Label Creation Rebel Records discography

Creation Rebel was the very first label founded by Adrian Sherwood (though he had previously been a junior director of Carib Gems) - almost certainly a partnership with Neville Beckford (aka Jah Woosh). During its fleeting existence in 1977 (as far as can be gathered), only one single and one album were released. Many of the musicians who played on its releases soon formed the first incarnation of Creation Rebel the band, and went on to release many further records on Sherwood's follow-up Hitrun and On-U Sound imprints.

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In common with the other label discographies, tracks given a [Rhythm xxx] notation link to the corresponding rhythm in the Rhythm Directory but the Rhythm Directory only links back to it here if it doesn't appear in any of the non-label orientated discographies. If the item also appears in a non-label discography then the Rhythm Directory links to the track in its listing there preferentially.

 [1: Album]

 CRB LP 7001

Sleeve cover Album: Jah Woosh - 'Marijuana World Tour'

Creation Rebel / 1977 (UKLP)
Flamingo / 198? (FrLP)
Original Music / 199? (re-issue UKLP), 1993 (UKCD)

UKLP: CRB LP 7001 / FrLP: FML-01
Reissue UKLP: OMLP 0017 / UKCD: OMCD 17
  1. Penetrate The Works Of Jah
  2. Live Up Right
  3. Be On The Move
  4. Marijuana World Tour
  5. No More Shall I Roam
  6. I Can't Hide ||
  7. Danger To Danger
  8. Georgie Girl
  9. Mr Tally Man
  10. Mr Biah
  11. Music
Recorded at Black Ark, mixed by King Tubby, produced by Creation Rebel (a.k.a. "Rebels of Creation") (including AMS), with special thanks to Dr Pablo. The FrLP had a complete different design of sleeve.

 [2: Single]

 CRB 901

Record label Singles: Jah Woosh - 'A So We Stay'

Creation Rebel / 1977 (7"#1)
Collette Records / 1978 (12")
Original Music / 200? (7"#2)

(Cat. no details - see below)
7"#1 (CRB 901):
7"#2 (OMS 14):
  1. * A So We Stay ||
  2. * So We Stay Dub
12" (COLD1001):
  1. * So We Stay ||
  2.   Gemini
  3.   Aquarius
* [Rhythm B57]
Produced by N. Beckford (aka Jah Woosh). The extended remix of the title track on the 12" version features Dr Pablo on melodica and AMS involvement somewhere in the mix. Whether there is any AMS participation on the other tracks or on the 7" editions is unclear.

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