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This section of the website is dedicated to cataloguing as comprehensively as my information will allow the releases by the individual artists and groups associated with Adrian Sherwood and his On-U Sound label, as well as his other off-shoot labels and production work.

Acts Act
Labels Label
Others Other
Recent discography section additions...

1: Overview

The discography listings are grouped primarily by artist name and label but also include coverage of On-U dedicated compilations, compilation appearances and remix work by Adrian Sherwood for non On-U Sound acts.

Most of the extensive research that these discographies are based on was done by Culf and Richard Davies 6-12 years ago; Culf's well known series of highly detailed discographies at one time being available by ftp and on the web (sadly not at present). What's presented here (with permission of Culf) is information from those original discographies re-processed and re-formatted by myself with my own updates and corrections as found.

The task of documenting On-U Sound related product is a somewhat daunting one due to the sheer complexity of the job. The large collective of musicians that make up the On-U stable of singers and players is particularly diffuse and over the years have released material on a wide variety of record labels in many countries outside the UK and On-U Sound Records itself. Due to lack of money to promote releases itself (due to lacking sales because of no money to promote - the classic vicious circle!) to best market some of its artists many On-U Sound releases have been licensed to other labels (e.g. Mute for Mark Stewart, Gary Clail to BMG then Yelen / Sony).

From the late 1980s until 2004 On-U 'home grown' releases in the UK were mostly released through EFA Medien of Germany rather than directly by On-U as was the case in the early days. The artists have also often been involved in other non On-U projects before, during or after their time recording for AMS. Keith LeBlanc is a classic example - he being being a remixer, drummer and session musician in his own right and for many other artists and has done so for around 25 years.

In summary this means that trying to compile definitive lists is especially hard. Irregular distribution, relatively small production runs of many releases, reissues, unavailable, inconsistent or simply mis-information mean that getting hold of many of the early releases is especially hard. This means there is probably more to know than is appears here! Perversely it is perhaps the 'thrill of the chase' that makes the quest all the more fun! If you can fill in the gaps or provide suggestions, corrections or constructive comment please contact me.

 2: The Rhythm Directory

The Rhythm Directory collates many of the tracks that have appeared by artists on On-U Sound releases and other labels associated with Adrian Sherwood's 'home' production work. It is designed as a way of cross-referencing tracks of similar basis in a way that is independent of artist, label, track name or mix name. Clearly then the Rhythm Directory is intimately connected with the Discography section and fundamentally a part of effective navigation around it. Links to appropriate parts of the Rhythm Directory occur extensively using the annotated notation [Rhythm xxx] that appears in many discography release listings.

'Back to previous URL in browser history' button (de-activated here)  As both the Discography section and Rhythm Directory are complex, multi-part, interconnected resources, it could be easy to 'get lost' by following links within or between them, and then forget how you 'arrived' at the page you are on. This can be alleviated by clicking any Back Arrow button (pictured) found in each Rhythm Directory listing and discography entry. This button will take you one URL back in your Internet browser's history - hopefully back to the discography or Rhythm Directory entry you came from! Note: The Back button facility will only work if your browser is JavaScript enabled.

3: Image Bank material

Photo galleries of sleeve artwork are linked to each other in the sequence they appear in the discographies that include them. For act discographies this is usually chronological order, for record label discographies - catalogue number order and other discographies - alphabetical order. A JavaScript-enabled browser is also required to open each individual gallery.

4: General abbreviations

The table below lists most of the abbreviations and symbols commonly used in this section.

AMS Adrian Maxwell Sherwood (?) Information unknown or uncertain (-) Information does not apply in this case
UK United Kingdom US / (USA) United States (of America) JA / Ja Jamaica
BS Boxed set D/T/Q Double / Triple / Quadruple. e.g. DLP = double vinyl album (2 discs) PD Picture disc or coloured disc (i.e. non-black)
LP Long Play record album (or just meaning 'an album') WL White label promotional release CLP Cassette album
CD Compact disc album CDS Compact disc single CS Cassette single
EP Extended play single Promo Item released for promotional purposes 7"/9"/10"/12" Vinyl single disc format sizes in inches
rpm Revolutions per minute Ca Canada Ge Germany
Gr Greece Jp Japan Nl Netherlands
It Italy NZ New Zealand Fr French
Bz Brazil Au Australia Sp Spain
Be Belgium SA South Africa Euro Europe
Ru Russia DL Download    

5: Act abbreviations

2BC2 Badcard AMSAdrian Sherwood AHCAfrican Head Charge
AAkabu AFAndy Fairley LALittle Annie Anxiety
AAAudio Active BABarmy Army BSBim Sherman/Shieman etc
CEFCharlie "Eskimo Fox" CRCreation Rebel DHDeadly Headley
DWDoug Wimbish DSDub Syndicate GCGary Clail (w or w/o On.U S.S.)
GPGhetto Priest HBHarry Beckett JJalal
JLNJeb Loy Nichols JRJesse Rae JNJudy Nylon
JDJunior Delgado / Jux KLeBKeith LeBlanc LASMLittle Axe / Skip McDonald
LPLee Perry LRLittle Roy LULondon Underground
MSMark Stewart (w or w/o Maffia) MBMissing Brazilians MMMothmen
NASNew Age Steppers NHDNoah House Of Dread PGPlaygroup
PFIPrince For/Far I RDWRevolutionary Dub Warriors SFSamia Farah
SPSingers And Players StPStrange Parcels THFCTackhead or Fats Comet
TCThe Circuit TDTribal Drift VOAVoice Of Authority
V/A(Various Artists)      

 6: Recent additions

Work is going on behind the scenes all the time to keep the discographies section up to date and as accurate as possible, but it's not practically possible to provide a comprehensive list of all the changes and improvements as they are made. Listed here though, in no particular order, are some of the more recent completely new additions with links to the discography which now contains them.

  1. Compilation: Various Artists - '30: Real World At Womad'
  2. Download single: Suns Of Arqa feat. Little Axe - 'The Truth Will Set You Free'
  3. Compilation: Various Artists - 'Secret Weapons'
  4. Compilation: Yabby You & Brethren - 'Deeper Roots (Dub Plates And Rarities 1976>1978)'
  5. 7" single: Yabby You - 'Deliver Me From My Enemies'
  6. 7" single: Barrington Spence - 'Don't Tutch I Dread'
  7. Compilation: The Woodentops - 'Before During After: Remasters Remixes & Rarities'
  8. Album: Congo Natty - 'Jungle Revolution'
  9. Compilation: Tackhead - 'Metal Box'
  10. Compilation: Little Axe - 'Return (Essentials & Remixes)'
  11. 7" single: Asian Dub Foundation - 'Radio Bubblegum'
  12. Compilation: Various Artists - 'Spiky Dread Issue One'
  13. Album: Third World All Stars - 'Rebel Rock'
  14. Album: Bobby Kalphat & The Sunshot All Stars - 'Zion Hill'
  15. Album: Joe Higgs - 'Unity Is Power'
  16. Album: Tommy McCook - 'Reggae In Jazz'
  17. 7" single: The Dynamites - 'Nyah Rock'
  18. 7" single: The Dynamites - 'Red Moon'
  19. 7" single: The Dynamites - 'Reggaedelic'
  20. 7" single: Hemsley Morris - 'Stay Loose'
  21. 7" single: Keith Goode - 'Jah Jah Deliver Us'
  22. 7" single: Don Prendes - 'Ska-Ba-Doo-Be-Day'
  23. 7" single: Leonard 'Santic' Chin - 'I Don't Want To Lose You'
  24. 7" single: Horace Andy - 'Children Of Israel'
  25. 7" single: Augustus Pablo - 'Columbo'
  26. 7" single: Bobby Kalphat - 'Terminal Rock'
  27. 7" single: Bobby Kalphat - 'The Sound Of Now Dub'
  28. 12" single: Tony Brutus - 'Water Pistol'
  29. Album: Dubblestandart - 'Woman In Dub'
  30. Download EP: Dubblestandart & Marcia Griffiths - 'Holding You Close EP (Chapter 1)'
  31. 7" single: Ghetto Priest - 'Evolution'
  32. 7" single: Ghetto Priest - 'One Family'
  33. Ghetto Priest / Franco Agresta - 'I Came' / 'Love Fire Burning'
  34. 7" single: Nereus Joseph / Ghetto Priest - 'The Calling' / 'The Dark Room'
  35. 12" single: Killa Dub meets Ghetto Priest & Rebel MC - 'Garrison Town'
  36. (-): Bayo - 'Run Around Girl'
  37. Singles: Sherwood & Pinch - 'Bring Me Weed'
  38. Single/EP: Sherwood & Pinch - 'Music Killer'
  39. Promo sampler: Jeb Loy Nichols - 'Tie The Knot'
  40. Promo video: Little Axe - 'Bought For A Dollar, Sold For A Dime'

You're welcome to suggest additions and corrections to this section; just get in contact with me.

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