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On-U Sound In The Area
Adrian Sherwood

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On-U Sound In The Area

With thanks to Culf and Richard Davies
Montage of On-U Sound related artists

These pages are my personal and unofficial tribute to Adrian Sherwood - the man behind On-U Sound Records and the artists who have been involved with him and the various other labels he has been associated with over the years. Please read my disclaimer. You can also find out more about this site.

This site is the result of the inspiration and contributions of many people who I wish to credit. If you'd like to provide a link here you can download an icon for your site. This site also has news feeds on Facebook and Twitter.

All sections are in the course of development so please bear with me! Check the progress page to find out what is currently being worked on and what is planned for the future.

This site is best viewed at a 1024 x 768 screen resolution (or bigger), with either Internet Explorer 5.5, Mozilla Firefox 1.5, Google Chrome or Safari 3.1.2 (or better) and with JavaScript enabled.

Please note that by the very diffuse and diverse nature of the groups and artists featured, the labels on which On-U product is released and the extent of my own information sources, there are inevitably going to be some gaps-in and omissions-from the information presented.

-- Last update: 10 September 2014 --

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