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This page, unlike the rest of the site, is mostly for my benefit - but perhaps you can help help me fill the gaps in my record collection :) I like many frustrated collectors of On-U Sound related product struggle sometimes against a large back catalogue of poorly distributed and low press run product - some of which has been *out there* for well over 20 years. The Discography section is well 'stocked' with the older and rarer material, but unfortunately this doesn't translate into me owning much of it!

My wants list reads I guess like many others of you - "90% of the rare stuff and 10% of the common stuff" so I'm not expecting my plea to lead necessarily to filling all the gaps - but I'll put my biggest want's here just in case you can help me out :) If you do have a 'spare' of anything in my list below get in touch with me via my Contact Page and we'll take it from there.

Clearly if cash is involved and I don't know you personally then I'd need to be sure that you actually have the precise item I want that you say you are willing to sell, that the price is right, the terms are right, the condition is acceptable to me and in any instance that I actually have the funds to be able to pay you. Therefore do not be offended by any refusal - I may just be strapped for cash at the time!

In the list below 'LP' simply means an album release in ANY format and titles given as '(various)' mean several different items are sought. These then are a selection of my most wanted items - last updated June 2008:

ArtistTitleCatalogue no.Notes
Singers And PlayersWar Of Words (LP)99.002US LP version on 99 Records
Judy NylonPal Judy (LP)(various)USCD edition
London UndergroundAt Home With London Underground (LP)ON-U LP22UKLP edition
Mark Stewart & the MaffiaLearning To Cope With Cowardice (LP)(various)Any non-UK versions
Dub SyndicateOne Way System (LP)(various)Any non-UK versions
Singers And PlayersLeaps And Bounds (LP)CDBRED 58CD format
Mark Stewart & the MaffiaAs The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade (LP)(various)Any non-UK versions
TackheadFriendly As A Hand Grenade (LP)(various)Any non-UK versions except US LP
Various ArtistsPay It All Back Volume 2 (LP)(various)Any non-UK versions except Canadian LP
Lee "Scratch" Perry and Dub Syndicate'Time Boom X De Devil Dead' (LP)ON-U LP43The original On-U vinyl edition from 1987 (vinyl has red/black/white labels)
Mark Stewart & the MaffiaMark Stewart (LP)(various)Any non-UK versions
Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound SystemTackhead Tape Time (LP)(various)Any USA / Canadian versions - particularly on CD format
Mark Stewart & the MaffiaMetatron (LP)(various)Any non-UK versions
Lee "Scratch" Perry and Dub SyndicateFrom The Secret Laboratory (LP)(various)Any non-UK versions except USCD
Little AxeNever Turn Back (LP)ON-U LP62(1)UK white label LP
Dub SyndicateEchomania (LP)ALCA-534Japanese version with bonus track
Bim ShermanMiracle (LP)(?)Cassette format version?
Audio Active(various)(various)Any non-UK releases
London UndergroundBetween The Lines (7")ON-U S 3-
Bim Sherman / Singers And PlayersRevolution (10")ON-U DP2-
Mark Stewart & the MaffiaJerusalem (12")ON-U DP5-
Congo Ashanti Roy / Singers And PlayersAfrican Blood (10")ON-U DP8-
Gary Clail / TackheadHard Left (12")ON-U DP16Original On-U issue (i.e. no mention of 'World Records')
Tackhead - The Game (You'll Never Walk Alone) (single)(various)Any non-UK issues
Akabu / The CircuitWatch Yourself (12")ON-U MIX 1The Mayking test pressing. Less than 10 copies of this exist - so this is a tall order request :)
Barmy ArmyLeroy's Boots(?)West Ham fanzine flexi-disc
Barmy ArmyBlue Moon(?)Manchester City fanzine flexi-disc
2 BadcardWeed Specialist (CDS)7320132US single
African Head ChargeAll Mighty Dread (LP)BRC-2Japanese cassette / CD compilation
Annie Anxiety BandezHier Encore (single)(various)Any format
Little AnnieShort, Sweet & Dread (LP)7 72797-2US compilation
Strange ParcelsDisconnection (12")7 72781-1US only promo
Bim Sherman / Bim Shieman(various)(?)Any early Jamaican releases and non-Jamaican releases pre-1983
(various)(various)(various)Anything on the 'Hitrun' label considered
(various)(various)(various)Anything on the 'Carib Gems' label considered
Creation RebelLove I Can Feel (7")CHERRY 41-
Lee "Scratch" Perry and Dub SyndicateJungle (10")10SY 6-
Dub SyndicateWadada (12")H 30-10Japanese promo
Junior DelgadoTurn Him Over (7")BIG 0001Promo white label single in Big Cat Records
Junior DelgadoProphecy (7")BIG 0002Promo white label single in Big Cat Records
Big YouthJammin' In The Dance Tonight (7")BIG 0003Promo white label single in Big Cat Records
Keith LeBlancEar Drum Beats To Sample (Volume 1) (LP)BLC 4LP format
Little AxeRide On (Fight On) (10")(?)US promo single
Little AxeAnother Sinful Day (CDS)(?)US promo CD single
Mark Stewart & the MaffiaLive (LP)(?)-
New Age SteppersCrucial 90 (LP)C901Cassette compilation in plastic wallet
Medicine Man meets The New Age SteppersAlways Together (12")(?)US single
Noah House Of DreadNeighbours (7")GOAH 1-
Fats Comet with DJ CheeseKing Of The Beat (mini-LP)WR008-
TackheadEn Concert (LP)MMM 1 CDFrench CD live album
Various Artists(?) (7")(?)Netherlands flexi-single from 1983 featuring a version of Mark Stewart/Maffia's "Learning To Cope With Cowardice".
Various ArtistsPay It All Back (LP)72769USCD
Various ArtistsVersion Excursion (LP)ALCA-330-
Various ArtistsTunes From The Missing Channel (On.U Sound Radio Program) (LP)ALCA-441-
Various Artists(?) (7")(?)Compilation disc given away with 'Sniffin' Rock' magazine
Ghetto PriestDungeon (7")SB004-
Various ArtistsBeyond Planet Dub (LP)BARKCD031-
Various ArtistsDope On Plastic 4 (LP)REACT CD 097-
Various ArtistsVolume 16 (LP)16VCD16-
Various ArtistsVolume 17 (LP)17VCD17-
Devon Iron / Jesus Rainford PerryWater Genesis / Second Judgement: Fire Revelation 22 (12")ARK 003-
3 Head3 Head (LP)BRC33-
3 HeadDizzy (12")(?)Japanese
3 HeadBlackwater (LP)(?)Any format
ACO(various)(various)Any release featuring AMS
AirHow Does It Make You Feel? (7")VS1828-
Almamegretta(various)(various)Any release featuring AMS
Ché(Be My) Powerstation (US12")LR-1003-1-
ChéI Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much (12")SRNT 115-
ChéNarcotic (CD)CD: CDSRN 16 / CLP: MCSRN 16 (?)CD or cassette formats
Eric ClarkeFight Against Babylon (7")BM5-
Eric ClarkeLove That Grows & Grows (LP)BAL 89004-
Congo Ashanti RoyLevel Vibes (LP)SBLP 2001-
Deep ForestBohemian Ballet (CDS)BSK 7316US promo
Elephant System(various)(various)Any release featuring AMS
Samia FarahSamia Farah (LP)SMA 494 770-2Any format
Gardening By MoonlightStrange News (12")12 MPE2-
Vivien GoldmanLaundrette (7")WIN 1-
Vivien GoldmanDirty Washing EP (12")99-05 EP-
GrapevineDivetime (LP)LP: PCJA 00047 /
CD: PCCA 01360
Any format
Herbert GrönemeyerLetzte Version (CDS)724388576529-
Herbert GrönemeyerBleibt Alles Anders (12")12": EMI 519956-
I Start CountingStill Smiling (12")ED-5517US promo
Izard / Undivided RootsBam By Aur (7")DUB A1-
Last WordsLast Words (LP)ARM 2-
Last WordsTop Secret (7")AS 002-
Last WordsAnimal World (7")RT 022-
Looplizard(various)(various)Any release featuring AMS except the 'Rubberman' CD single
LSKLSK (LP)ESCA-8186Japanese CD
Mamadou Diouf and Kinior OrchestraAfrican Snow (LP)CD: KCD 7 /
Any format
Massilia Sound SystemY'a Des Fois (CDS)WVF910-
Maximum JoyStation M.X.J.Y. (LP)Y 28-
Mighty VolcanoSilver Jubilee (7")RTZ 4-
Nine Inch NailsHappiness Is Slavery (12"/CDS)DMD 1941US promos
Pinski ZooThe Dizzy Dance Record (12")PINS 002-
PlutonicAddicted (12")12TV2WL promo
Nick Plytas & Anne PigalleHot Sagas (10")ILL 1210-
Primal ScreamKowalski (CDS)(?)US single
RinfRubber On Rider (12")LACER 13-
Salmonella DubOutside The Dubplates (LP)07243 5 84631 2 5 or 07243 5 40930 2 9Any format
Peter SchererVery Neon Pet (LP)(various)Any format
The ShamenMove Any Mountain (12")(?)Test pressing
Skindive(various)(various)Any release featuring AMS except promo CD cat. no. P2A 2053. and CDS cat. no. PPCD 7050 2
Skinny PuppyAddiction (12"/CDS)(various)Any format or edition
Soft BalletAlter Ego (LP)ALCA-423Japanese
Sudden SwaySingsong
(m-i-X-X-s-i-n-g) (7")
NEG 18V3-
Suns Of ArqaSuns Of Arqa Vol. 5: Ark Of The Arqans, Heaven & Hell &... (LP)MFACE 11Belgian
Super Eccentric TheaterSuper Eccentric Theater in the 90s (The On U Sound Remix) (EP)ALCA-244Japanese
The Fire This TimeStill Dancing On John Wayne's Head (LP)(various)Any format or edition
Denis Tshibayi Nge Na munu (LP)(?)Any format or edition
Twinkle BrothersHigher Heights (Twinkle Inna Polish Stylee) (LP)(various)Any format
Various ArtistsSoundtrack sampler to the film: Good Will Hunting (LP)(?)-
Various ArtistsMNP Reggae From Around The World (LP)RAS3050-
Various ArtistsNotes 12 (LP)E-CD12-
Dub OrganiserI Got A Weapon (12")DEC 12-
Dry & HeavyDub Creation (LP)(various)Japanese edition on any format
RevengeGun World Porn EP (CDS)FACD 327-
The SlitsAnimal Space (7")HUM 4-

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