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Act Doug Wimbish discography

Summary of releases:
  1. 12" single: Doug Wimbish (featuring Fats Comet) - 'Don't Forget That Beat'
  2. Album: Doug Wimbish - (?) (unreleased)
  3. Promo 12" single: Serious Bass - 'Can't Control It'
  4. 12" single: Headfake - 'Cycles'
  5. Promo album: Jungle Funk - 'Jungle Funk' (1)
  6. Album: Jungle Funk - 'Jungle Funk' (2)
  7. Album: Doug Wimbish - 'Trippy Notes For Bass'
  8. Compilation: Dougalow 7 - 'Sonic Sound Sampler Volume 1: Diamond Joe'
  9. Compilation: Head>>Fake Sound System - 'Play By Play'
  10. Album: Doug Wimbish - 'CinemaSonics'

As well as his solo product and group releases as a 'leading-artist' listed here, Doug was the bass player on a large number of other Tackhead / Fats Comet productions. He has also featured on numerous other On-U Sound releases, particularly with Skip McDonald and Keith LeBlanc. Together with Keith and Skip he featured in many early Sugarhill Records releases as a member of the backing house band and has been a guest musician with many well known artists such as Carly Simon, Afrika Bambaataa and Mick Jagger. He has also been a member of Living Colour. All releases listed here feature production and/or mixing work by AMS unless otherwise stated.

Sleeve cover 12" single: Doug Wimbish (featuring Fats Comet) - 'Don't Forget That Beat'

Rough Trade Records / May 1985, 1987 (re-issue)

RTT 157
  1. Don't Forget That Beat ||
  2. Freak Out
There was also a US remix 12" on JDC Records credited solely to 'Fats Comet'.

Sorry, no sleeve image available Album: Doug Wimbish - (?) (unreleased)

World Records / 1989

WR ???
Tracks recorded for an unreleased solo album in 1988 and 1989.

Sleeve cover Promo 12" single: Serious Bass - 'Can't Control It'

On-U Sound Records / 1996

ON-U DP 36 (WL only)
  1. Can't Control It
  2. Can't Control It Dub ||
  3. Mind Fracture
  4. Mind Fracture Dub
  5. Life In The Arena
White label pressing only with stickered generic black sleeve giving track details. 'Serious Bass' was a name used by Doug only on this release.

Sleeve cover 12" single: Headfake - 'Cycles'

Green Tea Records / 1997

GTT 002
  1. *  Cycles ||
  2. *+ Cycles (Ned's Doug 'N' Bass mix)
* Remixed or taken from the 'Jungle Funk' LP.
+ Remixed by Ned Kelly of Underwolves.
A collaboration with Will Calhoun (ex Living Colour) later developed as 'Jungle Funk'. Written, produced and arranged by Doug and Professor Stretch and not featuring AMS.

Sleeve cover Promo album: Jungle Funk - 'Jungle Funk' (1)

ESC Records (?) / 1998 (?)

CD: (?)
  1. Enter The Jungle
  2. Don't Talk To Me
  3. Still I Try
  4. September
  5. Torn
  6. Ugly Face
  7. I Don't Want It
  8. Aquarius
  9. From The Bush
  10. Still I Try (Cosmic Udu Mix)
  11. Don't Talk (Drum & Bass Mix)
Thought to be a demo-only release that, amongst other things, showcased some of the material later to gain full release on an album of the same name.

Sleeve cover Album: Jungle Funk - 'Jungle Funk' (2)

ESC Records - EFA Medien / 1999

CD: ESC 03658-2
  1. Ugly Face
  2. Worship
  3. Trance
  4. Headfake
  5. September
  6. Torn
  7. Temporary Leave
  8. Cycles
  9. Perculator
  10. Still I Try
  11. Aquarius
  12. People
  13. Jungle Funk
  14. Prague City Lights
  15. Research & Development
Features Doug Wimbish in collaboration with Vinx and Will Calhoun from Living Colour. Guest contributions also come from Skip McDonald and Keith LeBlanc but no direct involvement by AMS.

Sleeve cover Album: Doug Wimbish - 'Trippy Notes For Bass'

On-U Sound - EFA Medien / 1999 (DLP/CD1)
Dude Records - Echo Beach / February (GeCD2), March (EuroCD2) 2008
On-U Sound Records / July 2009 (DL)

DLP: ON-U LP0091 / CD1: ON-U CD0091
CD2: DR104 / DL: (-)
  1.   Quasimodo
  2.   Perplex
  3.   Bedwood ||
  4.   Gangster
  5.   Just Another Minute
  6.   Arabic Cat
  7.   Leave It Alone ||
  8. * Veneered
  9.   Glorification Chant
  10.   Logdrum ||
  11.   Splash
  12.   Will And Skip
  13. + Glory
  14.   Daze
  15.   Pass It Around
  16. = Logdrum (Sherwood remix)
  17. = Anthem (remix)
  18. = Leave It Alone (remix)
  19. = Arabic Cat (remix)
* [Rhythm 39]
+ Part 2 of 'Glorification Chant'.
= On CD2 only.
The CD reissue featured completely different artwork, and as well as the four additional tracks, was alternatively titled "Trippy Notes for Bass and Remixes".

Sleeve cover Compilation: Dougalow 7 - 'Sonic Sound Sampler Vol. 1: Diamond Joe'

Head>>Fake Records / 2005

CD: (?)
  1. Diamond Joe                  [Doug Wimbish]
  2. Reverend T.A.C.K.            [D. Wimbish/Skip McDonald]
  3. Blind Dog                    [D. Wimbish/Keith LeBlanc]
  4. Zack The Mack                [Doug Wimbish/Andre Hette]
  5. Homeless                     [Curtis Mayfield/B. Fowler]
  6. Trance (A. Sherwood dub mix) [D. Wimbish/Bernard Fowler]
  7. Hard Shaken Hand             [Doug Wimbish]
  8. Big Daddy B.                 [Doug Wimbish]
A compilation of Doug's (aka Dougalow 7) own tracks and collaborations released in conjunction with and available on Headfake's 2003 European tour. Produced, arranged and mixed by Doug Wimbish with additional production by AMS, Keith LeBlanc, Skip McDonald and Bernard Fowler - amongst others.

Sleeve cover Compilation: Head>>Fake Sound System - 'Play By Play'

Head>>Fake Records / 2005

CD: (?)
  1. Play By Play           [Doug Wimbish/Will Calhoun]
  2. Cycles                 [Doug Wimbish/Professor Stretch]
  3. Nepal                  [Will Calhoun]
  4. Trance                 [Doug Wimbish]
  5. Waves                  [Doug Wimbish]
  6. Research & Development [Will Calhoun]
  7. People                 [Doug Wimbish/Professor Stretch]
A compilation of tracks centred on Doug's collaborations with Will Calhoun as 'Headfake' and 'Jungle Funk' released in conjunction with and available on Headfake's 2003 European tour. Produced by Headfake with additional recording engineering by Doug Wimbish and AMS - amongst others.

Sleeve cover Album: Doug Wimbish - 'CinemaSonics'

Yellowbird Music - Enja Records / April 2008

CD: YEB-7705-2
  1.   Revolution
  2. * Trance (Make My Own Reality)
  3.   Scary Man
  4.   Homeless
  5. + Danger
  6.   Rockin' Shoes
  7. = Silent Footsteps / Minor "D"eparture
  8.   Swirl
  9.   Broadcasting
  10.   I Wanna Know
  11. # Special Request
  12.   No Release, No Surrender
  13.   Easy Philosophy
* Re-worked from Jungle Funk's self-titled album, amongst other releases.
+ Re-worked from other versions on LP57 and LP63.
= Features re-recorded vocals that first appeared on WR006.
# [Rhythm 46] Vocals adapted from LP39.
German release. The album's working title was though to be 'Little Sugar Head Brings New Life To Your TV Dinner'. AMS credited with providing "creative ambience and [a] psycho mix".

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