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Act Deadly Headley discography

Summary of releases:
  1. Album: Deadly Headley - '35 Years From Alpha'
  2. 7" single: The Commission / Deadly Headly - 'Freewill' / 'Humble Glory'

While not noted particularly as a solo artist, 'Deadly' Headley Bennett featured as a session musician for Creation Rebel, Bim Sherman and Singers And Players releases on On-U Sound as well as for numerous Jamaican artists and producers in his early years. His only known credited solo releases are listed here.

Sleeve cover Album: Deadly Headley - '35 Years From Alpha'

On-U Sound Records / 1982 (?) (LP)
On-U Sound - EFA Medien / 1999 (Master Recordings CD reiss.)
On-U Sound Records / February 2009 (DL)

LP: ON-U LP 14 / CD: ON-U CD0014
DL: (-)
  1. * 35 Years From Alpha
  2. + The Danger
  3.   Head Charge
  4. = Without A Love Like Yours ||
  5. @ Little Dove
  6.   Two From Alpha
  7. # Another Satta
  8.   Headley's Medley
* [Rhythm 72]
+ [Rhythm B9]
= [Rhythm 11]
@ [Rhythm 110]
# [Rhythm 12]
Master Recordings CD reiss. contains a CD-ROM track with On-U Sound discography and biographic information.

Record label 7" single: The Commission / Deadly Headly - 'Freewill' / 'Humble Glory'

Humble Commission / 1985

  1. Free Will    [The Commission] ||
  2. Humble Glory [Deadly Headly]
Jamaican pressing limited to about 150 copies. Deadly also appeared uncredited on side A.

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