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Image Bank: Index

The Image Bank is a repository of On-U Sound related images of all types - from photos of artists and sleeve artwork though to memorabilia and promotional material.

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Sleeve Artwork (See the Discographies section...)

The content of the Image Bank is made up from material gathered over several years, and through a series of different gallery types, showcases art and photographs of On-U Sound related interest or subjects. Please chose a section from the list above or the menu to the right. Please note: A JavaScript-enabled browser is required to open each separate gallery.

In the months ahead I expect this section to expand considerably. If you have material, which you are the copyright owner of OR that is free from copyright restrictions, that you would be willing to let me include in this section, please contact me. I am obviously particularly interested in subjects that at present are either poorly covered or not covered at all by the Image Bank. Of course, all contributions used will be appropriately credited.

Photo galleries of individual recording acts and personnel include links to other related act and personnel galleries. For acts, related galleries are generally of personnel who have featured on their recordings (though not necessarily all at the same time). For personnel, related galleries are generally those of acts that the individual has been associated with (again, not necessarily all at the same time). Personnel galleries are also directly linked to a brief biography where this information is available. To aid with differentiating between the often heavily interlinked act and personnel galleries, they are identified next to their individual title using either Act: Act icon or Personnel: Personnel icon icons. The connecting cross-links themselves are prefixed A (Act) or P (Personnel).

Photo galleries of sleeve artwork are linked to each other in the sequence they appear in the discographies that include them. For act discographies this is usually chronological order, for record label discographies - catalogue number order and other discographies - alphabetical order. While there are extensive deposits of record sleeve artwork in the Image Bank, at present they are only available via the discography section.


My thanks go to all those who have given me permission to reproduce their excellent work here. Wherever possible I have credited individually the photographers and artists whose work I have featured adjacent to it. In the absense of being able to identify or contact the creators of work found on the Internet featured in this section, I have given the domain name where the image was found. I have only not given credit for material where I have not been able to find out any information about its source at all. A site-wide individual credits list is available.

In relation to the inclusion of the work of others in this section, please read this website's disclaimer. I am happy to co-operate with any queries you still have after reading this, if you contact me. Enjoy...

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Gary Clail
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Voice Of Authority

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Larry "Professor" Silvera
Part 2: "Lizard" Logan > Vyris Edghill

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Sleeve Artwork:
See the Discographies section...
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