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This section lists external On-U related links that may be of interest to you. Contact me if you'd like your site to be added to it. It goes without saying that I am not responsible for the content or availability of the sites referenced here, but I will always attempt to make sure that the listed links work and are valid. There is a separate section which features On-U supporting record stores that are on the web.

If you'd like to provide a link to my website you can download an icon for your site. The Home Page at is the recommended place to link to.

This site elsewhere:


Artists and Associates:


  • - Website for Steve Barker's 'On The Wire' radio show on BBC Radio Lancashire in the UK. Steve is probably Sherwood's longest standing supporter and continues to play his new material as it rolls off the mixing desk. The site has playlists, interesting links, sounds and a message board.

  • - Starship Africa: Richard Davies' On-U Sound discussion forum.

  • - The website of Laurent Diouf's 'Wreck This Mess' radio show: Radio Libertaire in Paris, France. Another of the few On-U supporters on the world's airwaves.

  • - An On-U dedicated blog by mARCO of featuring a slowly growing collection of rare photos and videos. Also see his profile at for more.

  • - The radio show of Prince Thierry on the French station Radio Méga 99.2FM called Dance Hall Style. On it he plays reggae-flavoured On-U material from time to time.

  • - DJ Tomcat and crew presents a dread-filled fortnightly show called DREADheadz on Querfunk 104.8FM in Karlsruhe, Germany. Occasional interspersions of On-U material can be expected.

  • - An On-U Sound supporter's site by Owen McShane with some of his own photos from gigs and downloadable MP3 files of hard to find or impossible to get tracks.

  • - One of the oldest On-U Sound sites on the internet (and now slightly broken) detailing On-U's releases on Restless Records in the 1990s.

  • - Ben Golding in Australia has run the On-U Sound email discussion list for many years. Here is some more information about the list, how to subscribe and how to access the email archives right back to 1989.

Shops and sales:

Also of interest...:

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