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Dub From Creation: Forthcoming material

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This page lists scheduled On-U Sound related projects that are simply 'in the pipeline'. This could be anything from a completely recorded album simply awaiting a release date, right through to unfinished material still under synthesis, but nevertheless, work in progress.

Items listed here will hopefully, in time, end up in the main discographies section as released material, or if shelved, added to The Vaults list instead. Know any more? Let me know.

  • Asian Dub Foundation - The new AMS-produced album 'The Signal And The Noise' is complete and awaiting release.

  • Crispy Horns meet Roots Radics and Dub Syndicate - "Also well underway is "CRISPY HORNS MEET ROOTS RADICS AND DUB SYNDICATE" a classic new dub/horns album".

  • Gary Clail - has announced he has a new album on the way soon, his first since 1995, though it's not thought to be an On-U Sound production. A track from it called 'Hear My Call' appeared on YouTube in May 2012, with one or two others appearing since.

  • Ghetto Priest - Work is "well underway" on a new On-U produced set called 'Sacred Ground'.

  • Jeb Loy Nichols - His 2010 'Long Time Traveller' album (currently only available in Japan) still awaits release to the rest of the world.

  • Jennie Bellestar - "Jennie Bellestar will be putting out a 5 track EP collaboration of Jennie writing over Adrian Maxwell Sherwood's riddims - new versions for 2013".

  • Oceans Of Music project - coordinated by Nick Blackman and supporting the work of an ocean conservation charity, future compilation "...releases [are] set to include more AMS ridims with vocals from Jennie Matthias and Denise Sachi Sherwood as well as remixes of the overfishing track from the forthcoming Gary Clail new album".

  • Tackhead - The first new studio album since 1990 called 'For The Love Of Money' is well on the way and due for release in spring 2014 with 12-16 tracks.

  • Tuffasonics - An album called 'One Man's Trash...', produced by LSK and mixed by AMS, has recently been completed.

  • Various - Also according to Adrian Sherwood's MySpace page, a full length DVD is planned, produced by Beat Ink in Japan for worldwide distribution, featuring rare footage "such as Lee Perry burying HIS t.v. in my garden watched by a laughing Bim Sherman and a very young Max Sherwood ... all of the Bim/Skip/Bonjo accoustic footage and all sorts of interviews, gigs and many other bits and bits!!!"

  • Various - "Currently in production and well underway is "LET THE ROBOTS MELT" - ONUSOUNDSYSTEM featuring Primal Scream w. Lee Perry, Dennis Bovell, Pempy, John McClure, Carl Barat, Mark Stewart, Deeder Zaman, New Age Steppers and more; a truly wonderful sheet of noise."

  • Various - "New On-U recordings are underway with Sandman, African Head Charge" and "...a collaborative project between [AMS] and The Moody One."

  • Various - "Currently in production and scheduled for release hopefully before the summer is, "DUB ... NO FRONTIERS" this is a true epic. It is a fresh and original 16 track double vinyl/cd release of all women vocalists from around the world , all singing in non English, it is a labour of love and is becoming one of [AMS]'s proudest productions. It features vocals in Chinese, German, Arabic, Eritrean, Italian, Polish, Samoan, French, Japanese, Russian and more in progress." It is known to feature Samia Farah & Neyssatou: "War", Cha Cha & Dub Syndicate: (?) (version on the "I'm The Man For Your Baby"/"Shorty" riddim), Kerieva & Dub Syndicate: "Chavale", Marika: "Uplifter" and possibly New Age Steppers: "The Scheisse Song".

  • Various - "Also in our studio (and their own) LSK is working on new tracks, BROTHER CULTURE has voiced new tracks, and also my daughter DENISE SHERWOOD is producing herself {and sometimes with dad and other "family"}."